Dennis Rodman is the Most Fascinating Man on Earth

Dennis Rodman is the Most Fascinating Man on Earth

While Dennis Rodman has had a fantastic, nearly unmatched, career in basketball, his off-the-court antics and larger-than-life personality have solidified his spot in history as one of the most interesting, fascinating men on Earth. 

After retiring from the NBA, The Worm has worn many hats: businessman, occasional actor, professional wrestler, author, and purveyor of everybody's favorite brand of disposable vapes... the Rodman9k 

Sure, he's had his fair share of misses in his career in the NBA and as a businessman, but what stands out is his monumental fanbase and support system. Who else could say that they've been in the same room as Kim Jong-Un, let alone anyone who could call him a friend? 

That's called "social credit" and, perhaps, it's worth more than gold. 

From helping mitigate a looming fear of nuclear war to holding multiple records in the NFL to being an action movie star, it is, without question, that Dennis Rodman may be the most fascinating man on Earth. 


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